Ira is a freelance Colorist and VFX Beauty Retoucher. He has worked in the industry since 2013 when he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors degree in Professional Illustration and a minor in Imaging Systems. 

Understanding color theory, RAW workflows and codec limitations allows Ira to produce the highest quality color graded deliverables possible. Ira uses color to guide the viewer through a visual journey and support the cinematography. Films are shot with an intended emotion and Ira prides himself on advancing the emotion through tonal range, color separation and selective masking.

Color is subjective and a colorist should always suggest but never force a style for a film. Ira’s work is a series of understanding wants and accomplishing needs. Communication and problem solving is at the core of Ira’s business. 

Ira is a Veteran of the United States Navy.


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